NANOREMOVAS is a Research and Innovation Staff Exchange action addressed to develop and implement a pilot plant for the remote treatment of arsenic polluted waters based on  the application of state-of-art advanced multifunctional nanostructured materials tested at the laboratory level. Besides, the demonstration of the technical and economic  feasibility of the developed technology, the seconded researchers will carry out a series of tasks and outreach activities, promoting entrepreneurship culture and support of young innovative companies within water sector.

NANOREMOVAS innovative aspects are based on the use of novel and advanced multifunctional nanostructured materials that overcome the limitations of some existing commercial products providing better performance in terms of adsorption capacity as well as the reagentless regeneration characteristic, large throughput yet at much lower costs. Furthermore, the implementation of such technology will be carried out through the cooperation between the industry and academia within the water treatment sector by a series of research training and career development activities together with knowledge sharing. NANOREMOVAS will establish a lasting, international partnership for transfer of knowledge within the involved research topics as a result of the detected industrial needs, especially regarding the arsenic polluted groundwater in Argentinean, providing the appropriate transfer of knowledge in addition to an increase of skilled human resources.